After nearly two years on the local Ottawa music scene, BITTER NORTH is happy to announce their studio album debut with an EP releasing in late-2016.


“Our first studio experience together was awesome. We had an idea of what sound we wanted to achieve but was so much more profound and rewarding when we actually realized it. Working with BN has motivated all of us to continue creating music and pushing our imaginative boundaries!”

-Ben Spero (Bass)

“Always a blast being in the studio with new material. Always laughing with this bunch, so that makes the monotonous parts of recording not so terrible. Dave (our sound engineer) is full of great ideas and makes it so easy for us in the studio. Just tells us when to play and he’s got the rest figured out. Excited to get our first EP out!”

-Matt Cress (Guitar)

“Having never worked in a professional studio before, it’s definitely been an experience I’ll never forget. The amount of time and effort it takes to truly perfect a song is much greater than I expected, but totally rewarding once you get that sound the band is looking for. It’s also been a great time for band bonding and we’ve grown closer, and have been able to share ideas more freely because of it.”

-Colin (Drums)

“Being in the studio with bitter north has been an incredible experience. Working together to make that perfect sound and watching our ideas come to life has been extremely rewarding and has definitely made us stronger as band mates”

-Hannah Fraser (Vocals)

“As the newest member of Bitter North, there was a bit of the usual pressure to hit the ground running and be stage ready from the get go, but the sense of camaraderie and artistic cohesion was really easy to mix in to, and everyone  was super welcoming and supportive from day one. Things have carried on from there into inspired song writing and performances.  There’s a real exciting feeling of being part of a good music group and just a  good group of people, which is really motivating me to keep stepping up musically and contribute to the whole package which is Bitter North.”

-Cook (Keys)

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